This is a series of sculptures for a natural gas company that were inspired by fissures in the earth where oil and natural gas flows. Placed over openings in the ground where fresh air flows into the basement of the building, these sculptures emphasis the flow of natural resources. The sculptures seam to capture and direct the air flow while making an elegant addition to the garden area just outside the companies conference center.

Architect: Elliott + Associates Architects, General Contractor: Smith and Pickel Construction, Photography: Scott McDonald, Gray City Studios.

Lazy Circles in the Sky

Lazy Circle in the Sky is a public art project in Enid Oklahoma. It is a joint effort between the Public Arts Commission of Enid and Keep Enid Beautiful. It is located at the corner of Grand Avenue and Garriott Road (US Highway 412).

The Sculpture was conceived as a gateway to the downtown Enid. The red-tailed hawks taking flight toward downtown draws your attention to the many attractions in the downtown area. The red-tailed hawk has recently been named a state symbol, and is common in the sky of northwestern Oklahoma and in the memories of those who live here.

Fabricator and Installation: Artform

Bicentennial Park Pavilion

Working with a creative team as project manager I helped create a pair of sculptures that anchored the corners of Bicentennial Park in front of the Civic Center Music Hall in Oklahoma City. These sculptures act as pavilions and add a dynamic energy to the park by providing a beautiful modern contrast to the historic buildings that surround them.

Landscape Architect: Planning Design Group, Architect: Elliott + Associates Architects, Fabricator: Swanda